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Smart Integration


BE1 has its own integration engineers for providing tailor made solutions, as they are well known for their ability to integrate state of the art, cost-effective, reliable commercial-off-the-shelf based rugged computing solutions that can be modified to customers' requirements. We also offer design, development, manufacturing, integration and maintenance services, which enables rapid customer support.

  • R&D

  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

  • Design & Development

  • Integration & Testing

  • Prototypes & Production

  • Maintenance

  • Authorized Lab Services

  • Sales Office

  • Business Development 

  • Marketing

  • Program Management

  • Customer Service

BE1 created a solution that makes your technology smarter and enables you to get cost-effective systems integration with out-of-the-box thinking and creative engineering. We make things simple and improve upon the existing capabilities, both on software and hardware terms, in a quick process that would make the technology available to you. 

For more information about our smart integration, please contact us.

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