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Site Terms and Privacy Policy

1. The site ( (Hereinafter the "Site" - any reference to the Site in these Terms and Conditions shall also apply, as the case may be and with the required changes , to the operator of the Site, BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions, Deals with the No. 516 103 793  Street Rozanski 18 Rishon Lezion, and any person acting on its behalf, its employees, its officers, and the like, including service providers on its behalf and / or in conjunction with it, "the operator company ") is a web platform used for marketing company , And all for the user's personal use. The user's use of the site, including the content appearing on it, will not be for any commercial purposes, directly or indirectly. According to the rules of this site, this consent is non-revocable.  

2. The provisions of these By-Laws apply to both sexes. The use of masculine pronouns is done for convenience only. 

3. The user will avoid disrupting the proper operation of the site or providing the services, to himself or any other user, in any form, as well as harming in any way any other user - and all whether directly or indirectly, using a computer and / or any other means of communication. 

4. All intellectual property rights in the site including the software contained therein, its graphic design, the contents of the site including, but not limited to, the photographs, texts, pages and layout, trademarks, any other information which may be identified in any way as related to the site, etc. Exclusively to the Site, or to third parties associated with the Site, as the case may be and Man Dhao shall have no right in them, including a right of use. All rights in the content, including, but not limited to, the images, videos, sound clips, etc. belong to the site and / or third parties. The user will not reproduce, reproduce, copy and / or sell any component of any of the above, without the express consent, in advance and in writing from the site operator. 

5. By joining the services through the website, the user declares that he is adult and legally competent. 

6A. The site is not responsible in any way for the use made of it, in the content and / or services by the user, including his decision, based on any of the above, whether to do this or that act, such as entering into any transaction with any third party. It is clear to the user that the content may deal with the fields of work and job interviews, including the provision of recommendations in the field, and for the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that these are general non-binding recommendations, which depend on age, education, occupation , etc. , and in any case can not To be a substitute for individual advice, in each case on its own, by appropriate professionals. The user hereby releases the site from any liability for any damage in connection with the above recommendations. The user alone will bear exclusively any such liability, including liability for any damage that may be caused as a result of any such use, including for violation of any law and / or any provision of this policy. Including, of course, violation of the Protection of Privacy Law 1981. 

B. It is clear to the user that, even though he joins the site through the site, some of the content will be sent by third parties, related to the operator of the site. The site is not responsible in any way for all or part of the content - including its legality, correctness, accuracy, timeliness, adequacy , being appropriate in any respect, non-offensive, insulting or abominable, and so on. The foregoing shall also apply, mutatis mutandis , to any other content, including by third parties, to which access is granted through the Site (such as connectivity - " 
Links"). Without prejudice to the generality of the above, the site will be entitled, but not obligated , for any reason or without any reason, to remove and / or prevent the publication of any content - in part or in full, in any form.
C. It was clarified to the user that, Despite the site's efforts, no information security system is completely immune, and that third parties may misuse the site, including, but not limited to, uploading harmful computer files of any kind, viruses, "worms", "Trojans", etc. Intrusion into the security of the site and / or collection of private information provided by the user, etc. If, despite the security measures taken by the site operator, a third party manages to penetrate the information, including information stored about the site users, or misuse it, the site operator will not be responsible for it. Penetration against the user, including any damage due to it 

D. The site operator makes every effort to maintain the integrity of the site, however the site operator does not guarantee that the site's activity will not be disrupted and that there will be no glitches and / or interruptions, which may prevent, for all period of time, the proper operation. the site operator shall not be directly or indirectly responsible for any case in which a problem technically prevent the ongoing operations of the site. e. the user screens That the site will pass on the user's information in its possession to any party who claims against the site that his right has been violated, that he has suffered any damage and / or that he has been harmed in any way as a result of the user's actions, and undertakes to indemnify the site for any such damage.  

7."Damage" for the purposes of these regulations - including any special, consequential or indirect damage, as well as any cost and expense that may be caused to any party and / or indemnification of any party in respect of any claim, claim and / or claim on behalf of any other party. 

8. Appears on the site, including information about the site, its activities, content, services , etc. , is subject to change from time to time, without giving any prior notice to the user, and is not binding. The user accepts the obligation to verify the correctness of any such information before acting accordingly. Including before choosing to order any of the services offered on the Site, or to make any contact with any party whatsoever, in any form. 

9. Providing personal details of users of the site to create a contact from site constitutes acceptance purposes of Article 30 (b) of the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Services), Htsm"b 1982, and will allow the site to send the user promotional material. User is clear that, while not transferred to any third party What personal details are there to identify him, certain personal details about may be passed on to third parties 

10. The terms of these Terms and Conditions may change from time to time, at the discretion of the Site Operator, without giving any prior notice to the User. The regulations published on the website at all times will be the binding regulations. It is the user's responsibility to be updated at all times on the wording of the latest regulations and its provisions. 

11. The operator of the site reserves the right to terminate, at any time and in its sole discretion, the activity on the site, including the provision of the services offered on it. 

12. The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to this agreement only. The courts with substantive jurisdiction in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo will have unique jurisdiction to hear any dispute between the parties in connection with the site and / or these regulations and / or arising therefrom. 


Privacy Policy

1. This document is intended to disclose to the surfer and / or user of the site What is the privacy policy that the site adopts, regarding the collection of information about its users, and the presentation of information about the people mentioned on the site.

2. The operator of the site treats the privacy of the users of the site with great respect. Some services offered on the site will require registration of details about you, through registration via the contact us page.

 These details may include, inter alia, your full name, your e-mail address, contact details , etc. You must provide correct, accurate and complete details, and you hereby confirm the correctness of the details you have provided. (b) of the communications Law (telecommunications and Services), Htsm"b 1982, and will allow the site operator to send the user promotional material.

3. The operator of the site considers it very important to maintain your privacy, and makes great efforts to properly maintain the information provided to it by you, while taking measures whose function is to maintain the security of personal information and your privacy. However, while these measures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion into the site operator's computers, they do not provide complete security. Therefore, the operator of the website does not guarantee that the services on the website will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them. 

4. The operator of the site will not transfer the personal details of the user to any third party, except in the following cases: 4.1 Transfer of information to employers and placement companies, in the course of its activities and for the purpose of fulfilling the site's goals 4.2 if the site operator is obliged to do so. The site will face a threat that legal action (criminal or civil) will be taken against it for actions taken by the user of the site;   

5. The use of the website is subject to the website regulations, which are published on it. In accordance with the provisions of the regulations, among other things, the user site will not be used in a manner that constitutes a violation of the law of any kind, including, of course, the Privacy Protection Law 1981; if the user does so, he will be solely responsible for any damage that may result. , Any cost and expense that may be caused to any party and / or indemnification of any party in respect of any claim, demand and claim on behalf of any other party. 

6. The operator of the site may use the information you provide on the site and the information you collect about the patterns of use of the site - for the purpose of improving the services it offers, to contact you, including telephone contact and / or for analysis and delivery of statistical information to third parties. 

7. The operator of the site may change the provisions of the privacy policy from time to time. In this case, the website operator will publish an appropriate notice on the website and publish the terms of use that contain the details of the change on the website. 

8. The operator of the site reserves the right, at its sole discretion to cancel or refuse to provide the service provided by it on the site in any case of providing information that is not true, updated, complete or correct at the time of registration or after, and / or if the site operator has reasonable grounds Because this happened, this without detracting from any other remedy available to the site operator under any law. 

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