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BE1's Defense & HLS Experts

Our team comes from various fields of expertise. Together, they comprise a singular and comprehensive source of information, all based on years of real field experience and continuous learning. Each and every member of the team has vast and varied professional experience, following many years of careers in top-level roles in the defense, HLS, intelligence, and hi-tech industries.​​​


Experience in Managing Defense and HLS Projects


As former commanders of complex and advanced operations and activities, our expertsgained their knowledge during their work in Israel and abroad, with an emphasis on defining and executing combat doctrines, border protection plans, and creating comprehensive solutions and systems for local and global security and HLS projects.



Experts in Creating Organizational Strategies and Managing Strategic Crises
Our team is experienced in consulting for defense organizations, managing and
improving HLS operations, assessing organizational threats, controlling resources, and
management of global crises and aid delegations to disaster-struck locations around
the world.

Planning, Managing, and Commanding Complex Operation

Our experts have commanded global security operations and are well experienced inproviding consultation for the public sector in Israel and around the world.

Leaders of the Intelligence and Cyber Security Worlds

Gain access to vastly experienced former top-level commanders from differentintelligence organizations in Israel, both in government and private projects. Ourexperience includes all aspects of cyber security solutions for organizations, industry,critical infrastructure, government facilities and more.

Integration Solution That Makes Your Technology Smarter

Our bespoke solutions offer cost-effective system integrations with out-of-the-boxthinking and creative engineering. We make things simple and improve upon theexisting capabilities, both in software and hardware terms, in an efficient process thatwill make the best technologies available to you.

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