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BE1's Management 


Ilil Podliszewski Lavi

BE1 is led by Mrs. Ilil Podliszewski-Lavi, who served in the IDF in combat intelligence and electronic warfare positions and serves today as a board member in a local Israeli municipality among other things.

1Be1 Seguridad Total De Aeropuertos (26)

CFO Member of  Board of Directors

Ari, BE1's CFO and member of the Board of Directors, an IDF Captain in reserve, is an experienced financial manager leading a team of financial analists that support all of BE1's activities.

Our America Latina Headquarters in El Salvador

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Director de Latam y España

The Director of LATAM and Spain has extensive military experience focusing on strategic communications, aeronautics, electronic warfare, UAVs, and military drones, among many more, contributing to our clients by providing personalized solutions tailored to their real needs.

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Mario Cortez 
Head of Latam
Business Developmen

Head of Business Development for LATAM / Spain and Personal Assistant to the Presidency, Mario is oriented towards technology and innovation, with experience in business development and multinational commercial skills, with excellent diplomatic relations promoting existing markets and new markets, generating negotiation with government entities and the private sector providing solutions with the highest operational standards in all types of combat.

Board of Directors 

BE1’s board of directors includes leading Israeli IDF defense experts, renowned businesspeople, and finance specialists. This, alongside a team of expert senior defense and security consultants and combat-proven solutions, offers a complete, wholesome, trustworthy, and reliable sphere of capabilities and proficiency that makes BE1 the tip of the spear and places it at the forefront of defense and security.

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