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BE1- El Salvador and BE1- Costa Rica representatives participated in the preparations for a regional Central America exercise 


We participated at "COSTA RICA, your business ally" event- December 2022

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We participated at PANAMA DAY- December 2022

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BE1- Seminar to Latin American and European Diplomats and Military Attaché-November 2022


We participated in the 103rd Anniversary of the Colombian Air Force- November 2022

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We participated at the commemorative ceremony of the 244th anniversary of the birth of Captain O'Higgins, the Chilean National Hero-October 2022. 

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We presented our solutions to Ms. Magdaléna Orlovicová and LTC  Lenka Podzimková, the Czech Defense Industry Cooperation Counselor and  Military and Air Attaché to the State of Israel, -October 2022

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We presented our solutions to Col. Fernando Corrales and Frederick Monroy Velazquez, the Colombian Military Attaché and Technical Chief at the Colombian Air Force in Israel, -October 2022

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We participated at 45th commemoration of the Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Perú- September 2022

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We participated at the 212 Mexican Independece Anniversary- September 2022

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Video of the BE1 Seminar to Latin American Military and Defense Attachés

BE1 Seminar to Latin American Military and Defense Attachés
September 2022

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We presented our solutions to Col. Luis Enrique Madariaga, Military Attaché of Honduras in Israel - August 2022

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We have participated in the Colombian Army Day- August 2022

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We have participated in the Colombian Independence Day- July 2022

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We have participated in the Argentinean Independence Day- July 2022

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We participated at Argentinian Flag and Army day, celebrated at the Embassy of Argentina in Israel- June 2022.


We participated at the 112th anniversary of the 25th of May Revolution at the Argentinian Ambassador Residency in Israel


143rd Anniversary of the Iquique Naval Battle and Chilean Navy Day-May 2022

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We have been on a business trip to Mexico- April 2022 

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We were invited to the 40th Anniversary of the Malvinas/Falkland War at Argentina's Embassy in Israel- April 2022 

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We were invited to the Opening of the Peru Roundabout in Ramle- March 2022 

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Our President, Mrs. Ilil Podliszewski Lavi Participated in a Panel about Women and Security organized but the Israel Economic Office in Mexico- March 2022

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We participated in a reception on the Occasion of the
92nd Anniversary of the Chilean Air force- March 2022

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WhatsApp Image 2022-03-22 at 18.06.30.jpeg

We presented our solutions to Col. Jorge Pantoja and Col. Fernando Corrales, the Colombian Military Attachés - March 2022

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BE1 Seminar to Latin American and European Attachés
March 2022


BE1 Seminar in Costa Rica-February 2022

We organized a Seminar in San José, Costa Rica for Local and Regional Diplomats, Business People, and Gubernamental entities- February 2022  

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We participated at the reception organized by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Israel on the occasion of the first year of assuming the NATO Contact Point Embassy duties in Israel.

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We presented our solutions to Col. Claudio Cervigni, the Argentinian Military Attaché and SP Mauro Ustelo, Assistant to the Military Attaché. 

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WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 12.40.33.jpeg
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We welcomed at our offices Amb. Chavez Taffur of Peru, Col. Luis Ivan O'Connor Riglos, the Peruvian Military Attaché and Dr. Judy R. Moriano Osorio, Honorary Consul of Peru

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WhatsApp Image 2021-11-10 at 11.10.01.jpeg

At an official reception at the Czech Republic Embassy in Israel in honor of the visit of the Vice President of the Czech Senate

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We were invited to the Israel-Colombia Economic Forum with the presence of Mr. Iván Duque, President of Colombia- November 2021

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WhatsApp Image 2021-11-09 at 14.16.55.jpeg

BE1- Seminar and Demonstrations Day, November 2021

We have participated at the commemoration ceremony of the 243rd Birth Anniversary of the Hero of the Chilean Nation, General Bernardo O’Higgins Riquelme

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We welcomed in our offices Mr. Lubomir Lucan and Col. Martin Sovic, Deputy Head of Mission and Military Attaché of Slovak

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At the 200th Anniversary of the Peruvian Army 

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We performed a successful Anti Drone Live Demo at IDET 2021- Brno, Czech Republic

We welcomed in our offices Col. Frank Cevallos, Ecuador Military Attaché in Israel 


Jewish New Year Toast with Ambassadors, Military Attachés, experts and presentation of new product

Our activity June-September 2021

We received in our offices  Amb. Ernesto Torres-Pereyra- Ambassador of the Dominican Republic

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We presented our solutions to Amb. Mario Castillo Mendoza- Ambassador of Honduras in Israel and his diplomatic staff. 

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Visit with the Military and Air Attaché of Colombia- Col. Omar Zapata Herrera and Col. Edward Rodiguez Vargas to our Anti-drones and RF manufacturer factory   

foto 2.png
WhatsApp Image 2021-08-11 at 11.36.49.png

Meeting with the Air Attaché of Colombia- Col. Edward Rodiguez Vargas  

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WhatsApp Image 2021-08-04 at 13.58.45.jpeg

At the 200th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Peru-July 2021

Uriel .JPG

We conducted a new Anti-Drone Demonstration- July 2021

Visit with the Defense and Military Attaché of Argentina- Col. Claudio Cervigni to our Anti-drones and RF manufacturer factory   

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We were delighted to host in our offices Col. Claudio Cervigni- Defense and Military Attaché of Argentina 

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We hosted in our offices Mr. Fernando Allo Acevedo- DHM  and Consul of  Paraguay in Israel

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WhatsApp Image 2021-07-19 at 17.42.18.jpeg

At the Argentinian Embassy in Israel Celebrating 
the Independence Day with the Military Attaché Col. Claudio Cervigni


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-08 at 16.54.26.jpeg

We presented our Anti-Drone and Jamming Capabilities to H.E Amb. Carlos Chávez-Taffur- Ambassador of Peru in Israel, Mr. Fernando Allo Acevedo- DHM of the Paraguayan Embassy in Israel and Col. Claudio Cervigni- Military Attaché of Argentina in Israel  

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-22 at 15.31.06.jpeg

UAV Live Demonstration in Czech Republic 

Anti-Drone Live Demonstration to Military Attachés

militaty 3.jpg

Anti-Drone Live Demonstration for Diplomats and VIP guests 


We hosted Mr. Javier Rojas- Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Israel and Mrs. Dyana Cordero- Director & Trade officer of PROCOMER's office in Israel 

costa rica.jpg

We were delighted to host the Ecuadorian Military Attachés: Col. Bruno Zavala 


We presented to the Chilean Military Attachés Col. Carlos Céspedes and Cap. Pablo Violic some of our cyber and non-lethal solutions  

chile 2.jpg
chile solutions.jpg

We presented to the Peruvian Military Attaché Luis Ivan O'Connor our Cyber Security Academy 

coronel cyber.jpg
coronel cyber 2.jpg

We were delighted to host the Chilean Military attachés: Cap. Pablo Violic, Col. Carlos Céspedes, and Col. Andrés Nogueira Espinoza. 


We had a very special gathering of all our Israeli defense & HLS experts in our offices, all under one roof for the first time. We had the honor of hosting our team of ex-generals, colonels, and other experts from different kinds of fields: military, police, cyber-security, airport security, borders, crisis management, and more.


We had the honor of hosting the French police attaché, Mr. Henri Bourdiol, and his assistant ,Dany Serror, in our office. We presented them with our variety of solutions for police, HLS and urban environments.


BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions' management team had the honor of meeting the next Israeli ambassador to Honduras, Mr. Eldad Golan, and we would like to express our gratitude to the Israeli - LATAM Chamber of Commerce for setting up the meeting.


A visit by Captain Pierre-Yves Grente, the French defense attaché to the embassy in Israel, where we showcased the integrated solutions, rugged computers and video analytics solution of our smart integration company


A visit by Panama's Ambassador to Israel, Ms. Adis Arlene Urieta, together with her team. We presented our solutions and to introduced her to our partner, Intertag


The Israel Latin America Chamber of Commerce hosted a business event at the offices in Herzliya Pituach allowing the meeting of the Latin American military attachés and Israeli companies from the sector of security and defence


Israeli-Czech telemedicine webinar - organized by BE1, the Israeli and Czech embassies, and the Chambers of Commerce

 3 innovative Israeli technologies were presented during the event

Visit to one of Israel's biggest suppliers for safety products, with the Counselor for Defense-Industrial Cooperation of the Czech Republic's embassy in Israel


B2B - B2G event organized by BE1 and Artiexo Telecom in spain

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