We have the know-how you need.

Founded in 2007 as part of the BE1 Group, BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions is a leading international trading company focused on the defense and HLS sectors and on presenting the industry with cutting edge, innovative products and solutions. BE1's head office is located in Israel, with a branch in Germany and local partners around the world.


As an Israeli company, we know defense all too well. Our story began when each member of our team has completed their military service in different leading IDF units and gained vast experience and profound understanding of military defense thinking and operative processes to their core, from devising strategies to combat tactics. Since then, we have been living the action and are fascinated by it. The team is composed of defense and HLS experts, who provide unique services and comprehensive solutions for a variety of sectors and clients, combined with the exceptional service of integration for the defense, safety and security industries.


It is in our DNA to think differently. That is why we have incorporated our problem solving experience and capabilities into our activity and services. Providing private clients and governments with the most ideal and cutting edge defense and safety technologies and solutions that would shape the future of the industry.


BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions is dedicated to bringing forth the most innovative defense and safety technologies, solutions and products to the global market. Being in the business of saving lives, we aspire to be a leading company on a global scale. Our goal is to support, maintain and upgrade the safety and security solutions we provide in all the sectors we are active in, on the private, government and region levels for the military, HLS and civilian domains.


The name BE1, reflects our unyielding drive to spearhead and position ourselves as leaders in the fields in which we operate. As implied by our slogan: “BE1 - Be Everywhere” we have the ability to take on every global project, and provide the most ideal, creative and advanced solutions.