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BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions is dedicated to bringing forth the most innovative defense and safety concepts, technologies, solutions, and products to the global market.

Being in the business of saving lives, our goal is to continue supporting, maintaining, and upgrading the safety and security solutions we provide in all the sectors we are active in, on the private, government, and regional levels for the military, HLS, and civilian markets.

BE1 Defense Technologies and Solutions is a unique and well-respected Israeli provider of defense, security, and HLS solutions from Israel as well as from around the world.

​Accompanied by a respected board of directors and a team of defense and security expert consultants, BE1 has been doing business predominantly in Europe and Latin America since 2007 and has since fostered a vast network of close connections with officials, key decision-makers, and senior executives in the private as well as government sectors operating both in the B2G and B2B markets.

With a unique and in-depth knowledge of the Latin-American markets and with proven experience and sales in Europe and Latin America, BE1 is known for its excellent connections and reputation for precise delivery and uncompromising post-sale support.

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