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Founded in 2007 as part of the BE1 Group, BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions is a leading international trading company that also provides the exceptional services of integration, business development, technology scouting and technology marketing for the defense, safety and security industries, relying on a unique skill-set and on a proliferous network of professional and formal connections throughout the world while also offering access to decision makers in predominant industries. As an Israeli company, we know defense all too well. Our story began when each member of our team has completed their military service in different leading IDF units and gained vast experience and profound understanding of military defense thinking and operative processes to their core: from devising strategies to combat tactics, from using varied army equipment and armed vehicles to fighting on the battlefield. Since then, we have been living the action and are fascinated by it. 


It is in our DNA to think different. That is why we have incorporated our creativity and military experience into our integration, business development, technology scouting and technology marketing services. In hope of providing companies and governments with the most ideal means of protection and public safety, we are constantly on the lookout for the technologies that would shape the future of the defense industry.


BE1 Defense Technologies & Solutions is dedicated to introducing new and innovative defense and safety technologies, solutions and products to the global market. Being in the business of saving lives, BE1's goal is to retain and enhance its position as a leading company on a global scale in the fields of technology scouting, technology marketing, and implementing technologies from different fields and industries in the defense world. Our goal is to bring forth the most innovative technological breakthroughs in order to support and improve safety and security on the state and region levels and in the government, military and civilian domains.


The name BE1, reflects our unyielding drive to spearhead the fields in which we operate. Simultaneously, we also lead our clients - the companies and technologies we represent, to be the leaders of their respective markets. As implied by our slogan: “BE1 - Be Everywhere” we have the ability to take every product, project and company and place them on the global stage, introduce them to key decision makers or to generate global recognition.



Integration & Comprehensive Solutions

Integration and comprehensive defense solutions from A to Z

Security Consultation by BE1's Experts

A unique consultation service, delivered by top level ex-military, police and secret service personnel

Business Development

BE1’s team is focused on analyzing present and desired conditions...

Technology Scouting

and Marketing

BE1 is constantly scouting for international companies with innovative technologies...



Spread throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, you will find that our B2B and B2G clients are varied and come from many different fields, such as:



VIP & Civilian




Critical Infrastructures


Fire Fighters

Search & Rescue

Border Control

Security for Places of Worship

Special Forces Training

Safe City



Aside from the above mentioned, there is much more. Since we are focused on providing defense and security solutions, we also recognize the need for unique and innovative technologies in civil organizations that could benefit from such products.



If you wish to become a supplier of products and technologies for BE1, whether you are from Israel or from any other country around the globe, the products that you would like us to market must be fully licensed and proven to meet the strictest standards. We are interested in innovative, unique and unmatched products that have a clear added value for the defense world. We are interested in the products and patents that you as a manufacturer and supplier believe to have enormous potential. We also work with startups that have finalized shelf products and that already went through the R&D stage.


Our suppliers must have the economic capabilities that would allow them to join us in this exciting process. They must be able to provide instructions and support for their products and technologies, and in some cases a representative might be needed in order to attend international business meetings with us, at later stages of the cooperation.


If you wish to become a supplier for BE1, please fill in the following form, and if relevant, we will contact you.



In order to receive a copy of our products and technologies catalog, please send a request via email.

If you are a company, government organization, government official, or an individual who wants us to scout technologies for you, or to interest you with one of our current products, we will be happy to assist you. This is how you can contact us:

BE1 is a member of the Czech Republic's chamber of commerce


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