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Comprehensive Solutions

BE1 offers a unique comprehensive solutions service, by professionally assessing your challenges and requirements, then providing a complete plan with the ideal technologies and services.


Unparalleled Advantages:

Macro & Micro

BE1 offers a wide range of services at all levels, from fashioning and designing strategic concepts for countries (military and police, border protection, prisons protection, critical infrastructure protection, seaports and airports protection, firefighting, etc.), to providing large-scale defense and HLS turnkey solutions, to creating tailor-made specific solutions for specific problems and needs.


Guaranteed delivery & customer satisfaction

BE1 enjoys an excellent reputation for delivery and post-sale support. Meaning, that we stand behind our words and not only provide excellent solutions but make sure they are high quality and deliver the value they are expected to.


Bearing in mind budget constraints can affect defense and security decisions, BE1 offers cost-effective solutions that make almost any solution accessible and any problem solvable while maintaining uncompromisingly high-quality standards.



BE1 offers technologies and solutions that can be easily integrated with existing equipment or with other technologies and solutions in order to achieve desired results without breaching budgets, relying on leading military and civilian defense and security experts.

For more information about our comprehensive solutions, please contact us.

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