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Border Control

BE1 provides innovative security solutions and products for borders in order to ensure the continued flow of people, goods, and services while, at the same time, promising very high levels of security and operational efficiency. Our solutions are specifically tailored to accommodate customers' needs and integrate intelligence, physical obstacles, and input from sources such as sensors, databases, and open source information, in order to generate a singular situation awareness picture that's able to trigger alerts, recommend different actions, and provide decision makers with the most updated and relevant information.

BE1's Solutions

BE1's borders security solutions provide protection against illegal infiltrations and a wide range of other threats, while guaranteeing freedom of traffic across all types of borders. Our solutions rely on gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources, including integrated fixed and mobile sensors, databases and the Web, in order to allow our clients the possibility to always be prepared and to detect and manage security breaches.

This set of unique solutions combines the use of smart signals intelligence, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, Command & Control systems, Mobile Surveillance Units and technologies that deliver comprehensive border protection capabilities.

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